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New Ranger Tutorial!
I just finished my new Beil-tan Ranger painting tutorial and have it up on the site! If you have any comments or critique on it, please e-mail me at

New Tutorial In the Works
I already have a new tutorial that I am working on, but since I just got my Ranger one up, I wil wait until March 15th to put it up. Until then, enjoy the Ranger tutorial!

New Updated Gallery
I just re-vamped the gallery so that it wasnt so hard on lower grade (56K) computers. Remember, if you have any pics you would like on the site, send them to me and they will be put in the gallery ASAP.

Sorry About the Pop-Ups!
I am sorry there are many pop-up adds on my site, I dont like paying for sites. If you want to lend me money, I'll be glad to take it.=) If you want to download the Pop-Up Stopper, go here: Pop-Up Stopper 3.01

Unknown - 10
Please send me an e-mail of your best painted stuff, and I will put it above along with a name. Also, it will be put in the gallery, and to add to that, I will grade it out of 10 on how good it is!

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